Robin Marie, Cuddlist

Professional Cuddling:  
Why do we need it?

So many people today are feeling touch deprived, isolated, and lonely. Sometimes you just want someone to spend time with who can focus on your needs. When you’re needing comforting touch due to stress, work, relationships, or health issues – therapeutic touch/cuddling can really help. Or you may find yourself at a time in your life where you just don't have access to healthy platonic touch. In sessions I provide meaningful touch, connection, and a non-judgmental presence. You can look forward to a professional, comfortable, confidential cuddling experience. Whether it’s cuddling, back scratches, watching a movie and snuggling up on the couch, your sessions can be tailored to meet your needs.

Before becoming a Cuddlist, I completed a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and taught for several years as a professor in Ethics and Cultural Diversity. When I’m not getting cozy with pillows and blankets, I enjoy music, cuddling with my cats, and science fiction.


“I highly recommend Robin for her warm, yet professional demeanor in all aspects of our interaction including setting clear guidelines and boundaries, a perfectly relaxed setting, and of course wonderful cuddles! I left relaxed and grounded. I appreciated that it was very professional, and yet very warm and connected as well. Thanks Robin!”



Cuddlist Services

Therapeutic Cuddling

Cuddling sessions are a place where your needs for platonic, healthy touch, cuddling and emotional support are focused on and met by a trained, Professional Cuddler. How does cuddling look for you? It could be sitting, lying down beside each other, hugging, leaning into, hands on heart, back to back, tracing skin, stroking the face and hair, holding hands, talking, laughing, breathing, or just BE-ing. During our session, we can talk or be silent, explore cuddling styles or remain in one cuddle the whole time–so ask for what you’d like!


What happens during a Session?

We begin by creating an agreement to honor each other’s boundaries while we explore our own personal preferences. Mutual consent and respect create a safe space, trust, and comfort together. We both agree that if anything feels uncomfortable at any time or for any reason, that we will speak up or ask for a change in some way.


Where are Sessions held?

I have comfortable cuddle space where I can host.