About Robin

I’ve been in the business of helping others for many years now, and the most profound and best tool in shaping how I practice has been to do what feels right for me. It’s following my gut feeling and instinct about what is in alignment with my truth.

I do this by checking in with my body, my heart, and my thoughts. When I do this, I make decisions from a place of authenticity. I’m able to use my experience, training, and true self to work and live from a place of self-love sustained by healthy boundaries.

As a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Cuddle Party workshop Facilitator, I offer my true self to my clients. This is why it is so vital that I am clear about what I am a YES to and what I am NO to (healthy boundaries).

When I work with you, I offer you my most authentic self, and magically in the process, you also become more in touch with your most authentic self. This is the beauty, appreciation, and respect that I offer through Therapeutic Touch (aka Professional Cuddling).

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